Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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PSPK-3 Flight Simulator with a Moving Cockpit (four-axis)

Date of Initial Operation: 1976



Date of Modification: 1979, 1991

General Description: 

The flight simulator PSPK-3 with a moving cockpit is designed to simulate main flight regimes of non-maneuverable aircrafts (take-off and landing, cruise regimes, etc.) for the purpose of investigating handling qualities and to train pilot personnel.



The single-seat equipped with main flight and navigation devices. Control Levers:
  • The control yoke (or central control column) and pedals with electro-hydraulic systems for load application;
  • The side-stick with a spring system for load application
  • Visual Systems with a Projection on a Cylindrical Screen of 2.2 m in Radius;
  • The wide-angle shadow system with horizontal view angle of 180 degrees;
  • The system with electronic image synthesis with the size of 2 × 1.5 m

Cockpit Motion System:

4 degrees of freedom with the following displacements:
  • Vertically from — 0.8 to + 0.8 m;
  • Roll, pitch, yaw angles from — 15 to +15 degrees

Computer Systems:
  • Upper level computer;
  • Flight simulator computer;
  • Interface device (64 channels of the Digital Analogue Transducer, 20 channels of the Analogue Digital Transducer).

Practical Use:

During the recent years the facility has been used to investigate handling characteristics of passenger airplanes