Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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PS-10 Flight Simulator with a Spherical Screen

Date of initial operation: 1988



General Description: 

The flight simulator PS-10 is designed to simulate the flight of maneuverable manually or automatically piloted airplanes, fulfilling specific missions, and to train pilot personnel.



Fixed position, single-seat, similar to an airplane cockpit regarding geometry, interior and view angles, the external space with standard flight instruments and Head-up Display.

Control Levers:

Central control column and pedals with a spring system of load application and trimming mechanism, two engines control levers.

Visual Systems:

  • With a projection on a spherical screen of 8 m in diameter, horizontal view of 330 degrees and vertical field of view from – 45 to + 90 degrees;
  • Shadow wide-angle projector “Earth-Sky” with a point light source and a transparency provides for a non-distorted screen image of the horizon line, sky and Earth surface from the altitude of few kilometers;
  • Opt-television projector with a picture tube of high brightness reproduces a schematic all-aspects image of the second airplane in the entire pilot’s field of view;
  • Laser visualization system can reproduce contour images of the third airplane, missile, etc., in any screen point.
Head-up Display allows to form an arbitrary system of computer-controlled symbols, focused on a spherical screen surface due to which a pilot can observe simultaneously display and pictures, formed on a spherical screen.

Digital-Analogue Computer Complex Consists of:
  • Upper level computer;
  • 5 lower level computers;
  • Interface device (50 channels of Digital-Analogue Transducer, 20 channels of Analogue-Digital Transducer, 5digital-channel input/output for communication with the Head-up Display).

Practical Use:

During the recent years the facility PS-10 has been used to work out algorithms of the manual, combined and automated piloting of maneuverable airplanes, coordination between the systems of remote manual and automatic trajectory control.