Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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TsAGI’s modern experimental facilities and calculation methods combine to provide experience in the development and research of propellers, propfans and ducted propellers for different-purpose aircrafts and other vehicles. We are ready to share this experience through performing a variety of calculations for you:

  • analysis of propeller operations when mounted on an airplane
  • recommendations for type and optimal parameters for propeller considering airplane interaction
  • optimal aerodynamic design for a propeller
  • calculations of propeller aerodynamics, including acoustic and strength performance
  • calculations of propeller interaction with whole aircraft or with separate parts (wings, control surfaces, flaps, nacelles, inlets, radiators and others)

While calculation analysis can resolve unexpected problems, our experience shows that experimental study of propeller performance more correctly completes technical decisions.

Depending upon your needs TsAGI can provide the followings:

  • design of full-scale propellers and their models
  • manufacture of full-scale propeller blades and their models
  • press forms for manufacture of composite polymeric blades
  • design and manufacture of airplane models and nacelles to study their interference with propellers
  • experimental investigations of propeller performance on test rigs and in wind tunnels
  • experimental investigations of flows in turboprop inlets with tractor propellers and turboprop nozzles with pusher propellers
  • investigations of flows around blades and deformations in blades
  • tests of full-scale power units and airplanes with working engines in wind tunnels and at test rigs

The propeller rig VP-107 has variable rotation per minute, maximum power 600 kW with 12000 rpm and is used for tests of single-prop models up to 1.0 meter in diameter in wind tunnels T-104, T-107; tests of counter-rotating propellers use two VP-107. The propeller rig VVP has variable rotation per minute, maximum power of 1500 kW with 6000 rpm and is used for tests of single- and counter-rotating propeller models up to 1.5 meters in diameter in wind tunnels T-104, T-107. It is equipped with the six-component strain-gauge balance installed at the hubs. The propeller rig SDU-104 has variable rotation per minute, maximum power 1500 kW with rotation per minute from 500 to 3000 rpm due to the use of the gearbox with changeable gears. It is used for tests of large-size single and counter-rotating propeller models with diameters approximately 3 meters and full-scale single propellers in wind tunnels T-104, T-101

With the results of tests checking and high-quality processing during the experiment, propeller performance can be shown as a mathematical model. We shall be glad to collaborate with you in this field and give our guarantee for success in solving your propeller problems.