Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Fans and Compressors

TsAGI has designed fans for many industrial uses.
Our calculation methods and test facilities combined with modern computers and complex mathematical models guarantee the creation of highly effective fans for any layout. Our designs guarantee minimum power consumption, high efficiency and adaptation to structural, technological and acoustic requirements. TsAGI has established complementary systems of axial-flow, radial-flow and diametrical fans which would fulfill your full range of needs in productivity and pressure.

TsAGI fans with dimensions from several centimeters to several meters are used in many diverse fields of industry. They are used in:

  • metro and mining industry;
  • systems of air-conditioning and ventilation of public and industrial buildings;
  • air-cushion vehicles, systems of pneumatic transport;
  • systems of temperature control and life-support;
  • laser equipment for broad purpose;
  • equipment for super-clean premises.

Axial-Flow Fans
For axial-flow fan design TsAGI created an automated systems projecting all stages of development from aerodynamic configuration to working drawings and manufacture of blades and other casting forms at lathes with program control;

Our methods provide record high characteristics.

Radial-Flow Fans
TsAGI’s improved aero-acoustic calculation method offer unlimited possibilities to designers in developing high-effective fans which can function effectively in extreme conditions, with consideration for aerodynamic, acoustic and manufacturing requirements. TsAGI’s mathematical simulations and aerodynamic optimization helped to design and test fans with high-loaded impellers (wheels) of the drum type. Our series of fans with impellers of different width out-performed competitive models by 7% in efficiency and 10% in pressure better foreign origin.

Diametrical Fans
TsAGI carries out research on a large range of high-loaded, economical, controlled, ramjet (forward flow), small configurations and layouts worked out on the basis of systematic, parametrical and profound physical investigations of a flow structure.

Pressure factors y = 3.5—8.5, inaccessible for other types of fans, were obtained. This permits optimized mass-size parameters of installation.

The competitiveness of TsAGI-developed fans has ensured a wide field of application. TsAGI possesses the complex methods and programs for the calculation of diverse wind-power plants, testing their possibilities in wind tunnels, investigations of dynamic strength and other investigations resulting in the creation of high efficient wind-power plants.

TsAGI investigates properties of wind turbines:

  • development of high-efficient aerodynamic configurations;
  • optimization of wind turbines parameters;
  • aerodynamic control;
  • tests of models and installations in wind tunnels;
  • measurement of forces; moments, pressures and deformations of blades;
  • methods and programs of calculation for aerodynamics, strength, acoustics.