Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Hypersonic Vehicle Controls Efficiency

In developing hypersonic vehicles, the problem of constructing effective control surfaces capable of withstanding great thermal and force loads and requiring relatively small forces for their travel becomes especially acute. To provide required vehicle control along the flight trajectory, the vehicle center-of-gravity position parameters must be maintained within rather narrow ranges. It imposes certain requirements for the vehicle configuration.

Thus, the problem is complex including both consideration of vehicle configuration peculiarities and the control surfaces design. Therefore, the solution of the problem must be unconventional.

TsAGI has gained experience through participation in the development of maneuverable vehicles capable of performing long-range flights at hypersonic cruise speeds and attaining the target or landing on a specified area (for example, using parachute systems with lateral deviation from the initial orbit up to several thousand of kilometers). Vehicles are equipped with relevant control surfaces depending on their purpose.