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Real-Time Science: TsAGITech Holds Interactive Wind Tunnel Test at Russia Expo

21 June 2024

What is lift force? How is aircraft designed? How is aircraft model analyzed during aircraft development? These and other questions were answered in an interactive wind tunnel test organized by TsAGITech (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) at the “Decade of Science and Technology” Exposition at Russia Expo in Moscow on June 21.

The test aimed at high-schoolers, students and everyone interested in aviation science. Before practical part, the attendees listened to a science popular lecture on aerodynamics. The basics of aircraft streamline, lift force, flight modes and effects caused by excessive angles of attack were explained by Ivan Ivanushkin, Engineer at TsAGI; Tutor at TsAGIStart, TsAGITech. He spoke on types of wind tunnels used for aircraft model tests.

The tests were brightly exemplified by an online test with a learning wind tunnel located at TsAGITech. The attendees suggested the efficiency of different aircraft aerodynamic designs determined by specific tasks and applicability area, and checked them then in real-time on practice.

‘Our test allowed each attendee to control wind tunnel test personally and feel like a real researcher. Cutting-edge e-learning technologies play a major role here—they are understandable to the young generation and make the process of getting scientific knowledge as interesting as possible. Such events give the youth the real picture of a scientist’s job, including that of TsAGI,’ said Ivan Ivanushkin.

‘Online tests carried out with the cutting-edge Internet solutions and remote experimental laboratory facilities comprise an advanced educational trend which has been actively developing worldwide in the recent time. Considering these trends, TsAGITech is working on TsagiRemoteLab, a single e‑learning and online-testing portal for students and specialists, which will be ready by the end of the year,’ said Sergey Zhivayev, Head for Developing and Transferring Technologies, TsAGITech.

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