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Address by Kirill Sypalo, Director General of TsAGI and Corresponding Member of the RAS, on Russia Day

11 June 2024

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

June 12 is the day of the great country with the unique heritage whose vast territory united many peoples and cultures; a symbol of our common responsibility for the fate of Russia.

Historically, the holiday dates back to the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, adopted on June 12, 1990. Today, it is unprecedentedly broad and relevant as we can talk about national independence in all the senses—political, economic, and technological. The Western sanctions are making our country stronger each year by implementing import substitution programs, increasing production capacities, making scientific discoveries and raising the new generation with patriotic and moral values.

Each of us contributes to the freedom and might of Russia. A largest research center in aviation, rocketry and space, TsAGI does its best to supply Russia with cutting-edge aircraft. We are actively working on the projects aimed to develop the new-generation civil aircraft with better flight and operational performance, such as MC21 and SJ100, the flagships of the Russian aircraft industry; regional and transport aircraft. We create advanced technologies of the future, including the relevant area of supersonic and unmanned aircraft.

Following the state policy and corporate traditions, we allow all employees to implement themselves in research and social activities. TsAGI is open to new ideas and international cooperation.

We are proud to live in such a huge and united country. And people are our main value. So on Russia Day, I would like to thank all the scientists, engineers, specialists, and workers who work hard at the Institute, fulfilling the national tasks. Together, we contribute to the single and vital goal of taking new-generation domestic aircraft to the skies.

Dear friends, I wish you unyielding confidence in yourself, inexhaustible talent and determination. Thank you for your support and fruitful work. Wishing you further development, prosperity and new achievements!

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