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TsAGI Holds Doors Open Day

22 April 2024

Career guidance awareness about enterprises’ activities is a key component of HR training system. An essential link in the series of events popularizing jobs demanded by aerospace industry is the meetings with researchers at the enterprises, informing the youth on their core activities. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) held its traditional Doors Open Day for schoolchildren and students of Moscow region and Moscow.

This year, TsAGI held the event at two sites. TsAGI Moscow Complex was the first to welcome the guests, who could feel the atmosphere of first tests at the oldest wind tunnel—one of the first domestic wind tunnels. Today, it carries out industrial aerodynamic tests. It has done strength and wind resistance tests of models of such well-known objects as Zurab Tsereteli monuments, Moscow City towers, Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture, the Cathedral Mosque, Ferris wheel, and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

AC-2, the unique acoustic anechoic chamber with airflow, was shown for the first time. This is the only-one domestic facility to solve all applied and fundamental methodological tasks of reducing state-of-the-art aircraft noise. AC‑2 tested acoustic performance of almost all domestic aircraft at different times. The children were shown a PIV experiment which clearly shows the mechanisms of aerodynamic noise generation.

The program also included a visit to Zhukovsky Scientific and Memorial Museum, informing the youth on his activities, students and colleagues, on the evolution of domestic aircraft industry, etc.

The second day’s program took place in Zhukovsky. The Demonstration Center gave an overview of TsAGI history and the outstanding scientists who worked there over the years. Unique showpieces were shown, such as wind tunnel models, archival photos, etc. A small experiment was shown: a mocked‑up test facility demonstrated the dangerous aerodynamic phenomenon of flutter.

The young visitors could feel like pilots with TsAGI flight simulators, which are essential for ground pilot training to practice different flight modes. For many years, the wind tunnels have steadily arisen the interest of the visitors—the largest subsonic wind tunnel in Europe and one of the largest transonic wind tunnels in the world.

‘Encouragingly, industrial tourism and vocational guidance for young people are becoming a national priority today. We are proud to have a 35-year-longer tradition of showing our test facilities and competencies to children. This is a perfect chance for children to get an outward glance of work of the enterprise where they could be employed in the future,’ said Ekaterina Grunina, Head of Corporate Culture, TsAGI.

TsAGI organizes Doors Open Day annually for schoolchildren and students. It aims to inform the youth about TsAGI and its strategic role in aerospace industry, and to stimulate their professional choice in favor of aviation for further employment at TsAGI. The Doors Open Day gathered over 450 people from Moscow and Moscow Region.

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