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TsAGI Holds Victory Day Meeting

5 May 2023

The Day of Victory over the Nazi Germany is a truly common holiday, a symbol of Russian unity. The Victory was forged through daunting challenges and selfless work. Over many years and generations shall we keep in our hearts the sincere gratitude towards frontline and homefront workers. The descendants shall remember eternally the heroism of the fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought for the sovereignty and independence of the Motherland. Therefore, it lies in our power to keep the peace and prevent these terrible events from happening again.

On May 5, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) held the traditional Victory Day Meeting. It gathered veterans, administration, employees from TsAGI, social and youth organizations, at the square near the Victory Memorial.

In his opening speech, Kirill Sypalo (Director General of TsAGI, Corresponding Member of the RAS) said: ‘Today we honor veterans of TsAGI and remember the scientists whose efforts made the war planes take to the skies during those great and horrible years. The hardest years of the Great Patriotic War shall never be forgotten. For us, the Victory Day shall be an eternal symbol of pride for our Motherland, remaining globally strategic in our days, too.’

A moment of silence, a flower-laying ceremony and a small concert followed afterwards. The Veterans were congratulated by Aviator Pop Group, Aleksandr Eisin’s Experimental Music-and-Drama Theater, and children of Korablik Kindergarten.

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