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Young Scientist from TsAGI Takes Part in ‘Unmanned Aviation – 2023’ International Conference

3 May 2023

Developing unmanned aviation is a priority set within the task to achieve national independence in economy and technology. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government to approve the relevant development strategy until 2030 and, prospectively, untill 2035. The instructions include establishing Governmental Committee on RPAS Development, stimulating demand for domestic RPAS, integrating RPAS into single airspace, etc.

Implementation of the activities was discussed at ‘Unmanned Aviation — 2023’, the X Eurasian International Conference, where young scientist from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) was involved.

Mark Ovsyannikov (Head of Sector, RPAS R&D Center, TsAGI) reported at the session, ‘Integration of UAVs into the common airspace. Flight safety’. He spoke on methods of assessing safety of applying civil UAVs whose national standards will be issued this year.

In particular, he mentioned the risks related to UAV flights, such as control system functional failures, and collisions with other aircraft or ground. It was proposed to categorize UAV flight operations according to operational limitations, structural reliability, staff training, etc. Safety and reliability of a UAV should be assessed according to its manufacturer’s competencies, the operator, UAV service company, application of recognized standards at UAV design, structural safety, safety of systems, operators’ training, etc.

‘All these criteria will be laid into UAV operational risk assessment methods that are to be issued as national standards. Furthermore, full implementation of these activities requires augmenting the regulations with documents specifying categories of certification requirements, compliance assessment methods, release to service based on risk assessment, staff training programs, and requirements to legal entities engaged in UAV operations,’ said Mark Ovsyannikov.

Unmanned Aviation is the largest Eurasian international business platform for discussing key trends, innovative solutions, legal and technical regulations of UAV industry. This year’s Conference and Exhibition gathered over 150 organizations from Russia, CIS, Asia, the Middle East and other world regions. It raised more than 100 relevant topics related to development of UAVs. Broadly, the Conference was attended by federal administration, regional administration; by developers, manufacturers and operators of UAVs, automatic control systems, avionics, simulators and computer analysis systems; by research institutions, educational institutions, training centers, fuel-and-energy enterprises, farming industry, forestry, hunting industry, etc.

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