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TsAGI Scientist’s Management Project Wins Moscow Regional Competition

19 April 2023

Systematic national human resource policy is a cornerstone of developing business education, training new well-skilled administrators and reaching domestic technological sovereignty.

D. Sc. Svetlana Smotrova, Head of Research Laboratory at TsAGI (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), won Moscow Regional Management Competition.

The first place was given to her project, ‘Integrated innovative non-destructive control and quantitive evaluation of structural impact damage of polymer composite aircraft units’. This is a relevant area in aircraft engineering, which is linked to wider usage of polymer composites in airframe structural units. Two advanced developments were taken as a basis, shock-sensitive indicator polymer coating and a measuring tool for laser ultrasound indentation. The project succeeded due to the effective research management by laboratory team headed by Svetlana Smotrova. The jury considered the degree of research-and-technology novelty, the information on intellectual property, originality and feasibility of the concept, and the maturity of business proposal.

‘Quite strong teams took part in the competition; they presented interesting developments and projects. I am pleased that the jury has assessed our project so high; hopefully, it will be further promoted in aviation industry,’ said Svetlana Smotrova.

The Management Competition was organized by Moscow Regional Committee on National Economy Management Training. The Competition aims at revealing and promoting most effective projects in management, stimulation and promotion, prepared by talented graduates from Moscow Regional Management Personnel pool program, and at their career growth.

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