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TsAGI Takes Part in Science Workshop on Aircraft Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics

13 April 2023

Involvement in business meetings, conferences and workshops is essential for a young scientist’s professional and personal growth. It is such events that make the new generation adopt valuable experience from distinguished specialists and learn the basics of scientific activity. Intergenerational heritage and development of human resources make the basis of national technological sovereignty and are especially relevant in the Year of Teachers and Mentors, launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Specialists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the 21st Russian National Science Workshop on Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics, which was organized by Chaplygin SibNIA.

TsAGI presented four reports at the workshop. Co-authored by A. Krutov, V. Chernousov, A. Volkow and V. Vozhdaev, report by Cand. Sc. Evgeniy Pigusov (Head of Division, Center for Complex Technology Integration, TsAGI) spoke on concept design of advanced 250-passenger long-haul aircraft. Mid-wing is an alternative to the classic design—it will provide better passenger comfort and interior usage, simultaneously maintaining high performance.

Alina Slitinskaya, Leading Engineer for Aircraft Aerodynamics Department at TsAGI, presented her report (co-authored by N. Bragin, M. Garifullin and Ye. Zavarzina) which considered peculiarities of impact of brake flaps and wing spoilers on co-flow in horizontal tail area. These studies are essential to provide longer lifecycle of civil aircraft.

Cand. Sc. Nikolai Bragin (Head of Sector at Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics, TsAGI), presented his report, co-authored by A. Bolsunovsky, N. Buzoverya, Ye. Zavarzina and I. Chernyshev, which focused on quiet aerodynamic engine-over-wing configurations. Strong negative aerodynamic interference is typical of such configurations. Cutting-edge numerical optimization methods provided the solution of the problem.

Cand. Sc. Anatoly Bolsunovsky (Head of Division, Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics, TsAGI) gave a report (co-authors: N. Buzoverya, G.G. Gadzhiev, V. Mosharov, V. Radchenko, I. Senyuev, M. Ustinov and I. Chernyshev) considering studies of flow natural laminarization. Presumably, the technology will provide a 10-percent drag reduce for advanced regional aircraft. The results match quite well the calculations based on the linear instability theory. This will allow for more precise design of laminar wings.

Apart from TsAGI employees, the workshop involved SibNIA, Novosibirsk University, KIAM RAS, Irkut Corporation, and CIAM. About 30 reports were presented in total.

SibNIA has held the Science Workshop on Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics since 2002. The Workshop focuses on summarizing the last year’s work by SibNIA Research Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics, providing basic research skills to the future scientists, preparing reports, reporting at scientific forums, and discussing advanced areas in aviation.

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