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TsAGI Director General Kirill Sypalo Addresses on Defender of the Fatherland Day

22 February 2023

Dear friends and colleagues,

February 23 is the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a milestone holiday celebrated in our country. It was established in Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1922, timed to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the Red Army. From that time and till the 1990s, the holiday had different names—such as Red Army Day, Soviet Army Day, and Soviet Army and Navy Day—yet it honored unchangeably Russia’s military glory.

Today, the holiday is especially important. The future of Russia and the world depends on the heroism and gallantry of all the combatants fighting today. However, a battle cannot be won without meticulous work of scientists, engineers, specialists and workers of defense industry. That is why the work of TsAGI is especially important in contemporary conditions.

We are working on all today’s key projects of Russian aircraft industry—such as large-scale research into supersonic transport, multidisciplinary design of new-generation aircraft, UAVs, rotorcraft, engine manufacturing, flight safety, acoustics, static and fatigue strength, lifecycle, etc.

TsAGI is doing its best so that new high-quality and safe aircraft would take to the skies. The latest achievements include work related to MC-21 and SSJ-100, the national aircraft industry flagship projects; special-purpose aircraft, Baikal regional airliners, Ladoga, L-410, and many other aircraft.

Our job implies much courage and devotedness as aircraft journeys start literally here. Challenging tests, complicated calculations and design of new advanced configurations are the routine feats. New times have come for TsAGI, like for any defense enterprise, giving us the prospect and obligation to bring Russian economy into new level, to forget any controversies, and to work for our common result to achieve full technological sovereignty.

My main wish to everyone is the peaceful sky. I wish you new bright projects, achievement of your goals, only positive emotions and good spirit. Let your homes be always warm and sweet, and the life bring bright and cheerful days. Health and well-being to you and your closest ones!

TsAGI Press Service
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