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TsAGI Demonstration Center Ranked among Tourism Development Centers in 2023 Russian Event E Catalogue

21 February 2023

The Catalogue included Russia’s tourist events, event tourism platforms and tourist information centers from the Russian Travel Community. The 2023 Russian Event Catalogue has 89 pages showing information from 35 regions of the country. It is released as a pdf-file with active hyperlinks to the sites of events, platforms, tourist information centers and tourism development centers. The Catalogue has a user-friendly interactive navigation from the main page to the selected chapter. It was published at the relevant webpage of the official website of the Russian National Event Award.

To see Russia’s brightest tourist events in 2023 and to download the catalogue, follow the link: https://rea-awards.ru/news/vyshel-ehlektronnyjj-sbornik-turisticheskikh-sobytijj-rossiya-sobytijjnaya-2023/

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