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TsAGI, Other WCRC ‘Supersonic’ Consortium Members Back Scientists-to-Schools Action within Science-at-Hand Initiative in Decade of Science and Technologies

16 February 2023

Involving young talents is a task of Decade of Science and Technologies declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin for 2022–2031. The task is to be solved by national educational and science-popularization initiatives for the coming generation, such as Scientists-to-Schools Action carried out within the Science-at-Hand, an initiative of the Decade of Science and Technologies. Consortium Members of the World-Class Research Center (WCRC) ‘Supersonic’, which is coordinated by TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), joined the Action. TsAGI and other WCRC ‘Supersonic’ Member Organizations gave a Supersonic science popularization program at Moscow’s School No. 2030 on February 7, timed to coincide with Russian Science Day.

The program was focused on the WCRC’s key target—the creation of new supersonic transport. A science popularization program was presented as a quest to the schoolchildren by young scientists from the WCRC. In teams, the schoolchildren did their tasks by moving stage-by-stage, with each stage representing specialization of WCRC laboratories—aerodynamics and sonic boom, aeroacoustics, propulsion, AI and flight safety.

During roundtables, the scientists were asked on the current challenges of supersonic transport aerodynamics and sonic boom. The schoolchildren also did practical tasks, did aeroacoustics experiments, played Treacherous Supersonicer board game, and could land an aircraft with flight simulator.

An aviation quiz was organized for the schoolchildren. What was the name of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceship? Why was the Tu-144, the first supersonic transport, provided with nose lowering? What is supersonic boom? These and other questions were asked to senior students.

‘The youth has positive feedback towards such “live” research narratives. This modern approach is understandable for the coming generation and evokes true interest towards complicated fundamental issue of aviation science,’ said Pudalova, Deputy Head at WCRC ‘Supersonic’ and Head for Advanced Development at TsAGI.

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