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TsAGI Director General Kirill Sypalo Addresses on Day of Russian Science

8 February 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

On February 8, our country celebrates the Day of Russian Science—the date which roots back to the 18th century. In 1724, Emperor Peter the Great initiated the decree on national development of science. The event became also a starting point for the establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is to celebrate its 300-year anniversary soon. Understanding of the great power that science brings to society made our predecessors strive for progress—and so, Russia has the people to be proud of. Great discoveries and inventions were made by world-famous scientists, such as Nikolay Zhukovsky who founded TsAGI.

Today, in the new time, the researchers are dedicated unchangeably to the idea of serving the progress, as they were a long time ago. This day becomes especially important in the Decade of Science and Technologies declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin for 2022–2031.

We are proud to remark that the country makes great efforts to develop science. The Government supports scientists’ initiatives, thus enabling creation of cutting-edge solutions and developments that comprise technological independence. Entering the Decade of Science, we see the national demand for our work, the readiness to ‘listen to’ science and to implement its ideas for solution of practical tasks for the sake of the country.

TsAGI is the national center of aviation science which gives real prospects for the strategic projects of the Russian air transport. It carries out the studies comprising the firm supportive basis for an aircraft developer. By solving urgent and relevant tasks of aviation industry, out scientists look far beyond the horizon, shaping fundamental knowledge background for creation of new-generation aircraft. This approach allows for staying up-to-date and being one step ahead, being capable of answering right now the question that the industry would ask the next day.

In the Day of Russian Science, I would like to express my gratitude to scientists—the people who have chosen this challenging way to create new. Your work is a priceless contribution to the national future and technological sovereignty. I wish you inspiration towards discoveries, bright ideas and remarkable achievements!

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