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HR Issues, Import Independence: TsAGI at MAI’s Doors Open Day

7 February 2023

A fundamental prerequisite of achieving national technological sovereignty is the involvement of young specialists into science who strive for this achievement. The import-substitution vector requires training advanced personnel capable of solving the tasks related to national development in research and technology and improvement of defense capacity. Job-orienting activities for enrollees with participation of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) are becoming thus a top priority. A relevant example is Doors Open Day, the late January’s national enterprise expo by Moscow State University (MAI).

TsAGI HR Department and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists organized their expo showing the activities of the Institute. The visitors could get the first-hand information about carrier at TsAGI from Oleg Vinogradov, Chairman of the Council. In particular, he spoke on areas of research done by TsAGI and on aviation research-and-technology development trends.

How to enroll into target education under MAI’s bachelor and specialist educational programs at TsAGI? What are the career prospects and conditions of work at TsAGI? These and other questions were answered by Svetlana Shishlyannikova, Deputy Head for HR; Head for Personnel Selection, Evaluation and Development at TsAGI. ‘Traditionally, the application of primary documents at TsAGI lasts from February 1 till June 1. The enrollee should have an admission score to enter the chosen university and be ready for employment at the Institute. TsAGI pays a 5,000-ruble scholarship for A-students, and a 3,000-ruble scholarship for B-students,’ she said.

Apart from TsAGI, over 50 largest Russian organizations were involved in the Doors Open Day, including those incorporated into Rostec and Roscosmos. More than thousand school-leavers could get information on university target enrollment and career prospects.

To pursue the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 1681, ‘On targeted education under secondary vocational and higher education programs’, dated October 13, 2020, TsAGI concludes targeted training contracts with top technical universities under higher education (bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s) educational programs and postgraduate education programs for scientific and pedagogical personnel training.

The list of universities that one can enter under targeted enrollment from TsAGI, and other important information for applicants can be found here.

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