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TsAGI Sums Up Results of 2021 Best Research Competition

13 July 2022

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) summarized the results of the annual Best Research Competition that teams of the Institute and other industrial organizations challenged in 2021.

Work by Nikolay Ostrikov and Mikhail Yakovets (Specialists for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology, TsAGI) got the best nomination within Fundamental and Applied Research and Tests in Aircraft Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Strength. The specialists developed the liners which are installed on bypass turbo jet pylon surface. It is the first research that considers pylon influence on peculiarities of sound propagation in the bypass duct.

As for projects done within the R&D on Aerodynamics, Dynamics, Strength and Aircraft Development Prospects, the jury highlighted a joint study by employees from TsAGI Department for Aerodynamics of Power Plants: Natalia Guryleva, Mikhail Ivankin, Dmitry Rakhmanin, Aleksandr Trifonov, and Aleksey Yurkonenko from TRV Corporation. Their work considers the improvement of high-speed aircraft. Also, a special prize was awarded for the work on creating the national aircraft policy regulations. The award went to the team of TsAGI authors—Sergey Chernyshev, Aleksandr Medvedsky, Viktor Ovchinnikov, Aleksandr Lesniakov—and Nikita Fokin from Research Institute of Aviation Industry Economics. They presented an analysis of state priorities for aviation science support and elaboration of recommendations which would keep the science competitive during global economic recession.

TsAGI employees—Vladimir Mokhov, Konstantin Grigoriev, Viktor Bertyn, Grigory Artonkin and Olga Potemkina— were awarded for the high research-and-technology level and urgency of their joint work. The employees developed a set of measures and a documentation package for accreditation of TsAGI test centers by the IAC Aviation Register in 2021.

As for research into test systems and methods, the first prize went to joint work by the scientists from TsAGI Complex for Aircraft Strength—Mikhail Zichenkov, Sergei Yaroshenko, Alexey Ryzhov, Lyubov Filichkina—and Andrey Dyomin from Spetsmashmontazh, Zhukovsky assembly company. The comprehensive calculations and tests by TsAGI scientists provided a proof basis for obtaining MC‑21‑300 structural strength airworthiness certificate. It was the first-ever domestic research into aircraft propulsion units made with new composite structures. TsAGI test facilities were created and upgraded for this research; moreover, strength test technologies were developed. Additionally, the research considered different force load effects and long-term aggressive environmental factors on the tested structures.

‘This competition for best research accumulates the cutting-edge studies of our Institute which will provide progress in the industry. For example, aeroacoustics is quite a trending topic in aviation science. Aircraft noise requirements are getting stricter, so the urgency of noise reduction is growing. The jury highly appreciated our scientists’ research in this area which proves the extreme importance of the research for scientific community. The jury also appreciated the developed national aircraft policy regulations, and it proves the high level of performance,’ said Sergey Lyapunov, Competition Organizing Committee Chairman; Deputy General Director, Head of Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics Complex at TsAGI.

The winners were awarded with prizes, commemorative medals and honorary certificates. Click here for more details on the list of the awarded.

TsAGI’s Best Research Competition dates back to 1967. According to the decree by its the-then Director General G. Svishchev, the competition aimed to ‘stimulate the research giving a deep essential understanding of the most important processes that reveal or explain revolutionarily new phenomena, theoretical or experimental ways of significant improvement of aircraft efficiency’. The research had to be new; it was not supposed to repeat any results already published in the literature. The main areas of theoretical and experimental research included aerodynamics, aerohydrodynamics, dynamics, strength, aeroacoustics, and the issues related to developing test facilities of the Institute.

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