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TsAGI Develops National Regulations for Flight Simulators

5 July 2022

ПР ЦАГИ разработал государственные стандарты в области качества авиационных тренажеров_650-315.jpg

Accuracy of flight simulation affects the correctness and promptness of a pilot’s actions in exact real-flight situations. So there are strict requirements to ground flight simulators that are used for pilot training. To use an integrated approach to the compliance assessment of aircraft/rotorcraft flight simulators, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) developed the drafts of the relevant national standards.

Earlier, TsAGI R&D RPAS Center had been involved in shaping Federal Aviation Regulations by determining requirements for flight simulators. For this, the Center used the accumulated experience in qualification assessment of flight simulators, and in harmonization of domestic and international regulations, especially with the ICAO’s Doc 9625, The Manual on Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices.

The next step was the development of two draft national standards which describe in detail the methods determining the assessment of flight simulators’ compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations. These methods can also be used to form an aircraft flight test program that would provide the basic information necessary for qualification of simulators.

In particular, the future regulations include such sections as engine performance evaluation, aircraft performance, handling qualities; systems of motion, rendering, simulation of acoustic effects; system integration, etc. The national regulations are to be registered in 2023; they are being developed under the national standardization program.

‘To put it simply, we compare during qualification tests the real flight of an airplane or helicopter and how it is reproduced by simulator. The main requirement for training with a simulator is to practice piloting skills so that the pilot can react correctly to any normal or abnormal flight situation. So it is very important to follow the qualification assessment procedure which eliminates any chance of using the simulators that do not meet the requirements and can "teach wrong skills"’, said Dmitry Apollonov, Deputy Head at TsAGI R&D RPAS Center.

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