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Periodic testing of SSJ 100 units completed

10 February 2012

Specialists from the TsAGI strength complex have completed a cycle of periodic tests on control units of the SSJ 100 — altitude and directional controls, made from composite materials. The work was carried out on behalf of ZAO Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.

The tests confirmed the inherent reliability and durability of the constructions in serial production. During the tests the controls were subjected to a maximum load, which they successfully withstood.

To perform this work, stands were built that made it possible to test the altitude and directional controls in the tail fin and stabilizer. Staff at the static and thermal strength scientific research department obtained data on deflections in constructions during the process of load application and stress of various zones of the constructions. Remote displacement sensors were used, making it possible to measure deflections in the construction with high accuracy. The tests confirmed the quality of the units in serial production.

In the future it is planned to periodically test control (aileron) and configuration (wing flap) units.

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