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TsAGI scientists perform measurements of T-128 WT nozzle

4 June 2012

During the annual inspection of T-128 wind tunnel equipment, the measurements of control sections of adjustable nozzle were conducted for the construction of its mathematical model. This model further will be used for calculations of flow in the nozzle and the working part of the WT. All the work was done primarily by specialists of the scientific-industrial complex TsAGI.

The scientists operating the tunnel believe that the results of the calculations will help to optimize the shape of the nozzle, which will ensure the quality of the stream.

The large dimensions and weight of the T-128 nozzle does not allow measuring geometry using stationary measuring devices. Therefore, in order to work in this area a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was used. It is a two-tier manipulator with flexible coupling and a probe with a spherical ruby tip.

Measurements began in late 2011. To date, the main part of the work has been performed. Mathematical models for two nozzle configurations have been already prepared: Flow rate with Mach number M = 1.5 and M = 1.3. For these two configurations the department of power plant aerodynamics perform control calculations of flow in the nozzle and in the working part. The scientists continue to refine measurement methods and specify forms in different areas of the flow-through part of WT.

Completion of mathematical models for all nozzle configurations is scheduled for June—July 2012.

The T-128 is a continuous, variable-density, closed-circuit wind tunnel designed for research of aircraft models at the pre-, trans- and supersonic speeds. The T-128 wind tunnel potential is widely used for experimental studies of models of aerospace vehicles, missiles, civil and military aircraft of various purposes. For more information on the experimental plant please go to http://www.tsagi.ru/rus/base/t128/.

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