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TsAGI researches the behavior of MS-21 aircraft during emergency water landing

6 June 2012

Engine nacelle models of short- and mid-range aircraft MS-21 were tested in the model tank of the Moscow Scientific Research Complex of TSAGI. The research was carried out by the order of JSC Irkut Corporation.

The specialists of Hydrodynamics and Industrial Aerodynamics Department conducted towing tests of two versions of engine nacelle models to determine the probable behavior of the aircraft during an emergency water landing. As a result of the experiment, the scientists of TsAGI identified hydrodynamic forces acting on the aircraft nacelles during emergency an landing on water.

According to the head of the Moscow Scientific Research Complex of FGUP TsAGI Vladimir Sokolyansky, these studies provided important information about the behavior of the aircraft during emergency water landing. “These tests are very interesting,” said Sokolyansky. “In natural conditions, we could hardly see how the stable cavitation ‘cocoon’ is formed around the nacelle. Once again this clearly demonstrates the importance of experiment in the science.”

The research allowed determination of the possibility and nature of the destruction of engine nacelles in case of an emergency water landing. The data obtained will be used during the ejection tests of the MC-21 aircraft model.

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