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TsAGI tests fuselage model with power plant simulator

20 June 2012

Specialists of the aerodynamic department of TsAGI conducted another series of research of schematized aircraft fuselage model in the form of a body of revolution with a propeller in its tail. Tests were conducted in the low-velocity wind tunnel of TsAGI’s T-102.

In the course of the experiment the aerodynamics specialists of the Institute tested upgraded power systems of the model power plant and advanced intra-model strain-gauge balance. The main objective of the research was to reduce the harmful effects of the motor heating on strain gauge operation. Thus, the accuracy of measuring the forces acting on the propeller is increased.

In the course of the work the air flow of the tube, angles of attack and slip of the model were varied. Power plant operation was simulated in different modes; with that aerodynamic forces and moments acting on the model and the propeller, as well as the temperature at the strain-gauge balance being measured.

As a result of the upgrade of the model power plant the accuracy of loads acting on the propeller has increased significantly, and the duration of the experiment decreased approximately 1.5-fold.

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