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6th VALIANT project meeting

27 June 2012

The meeting of all partners of VALIANT project (VALidation and Improvement of Airframe Noise prediction Tools) of the 7th European Framework Program was held in late May 2012 in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The meeting was attended by 25 specialists working in the field of computational and experimental aeroacoustics, representing research centers such as TsAGI, IPM, NTS (Russia), VKI, LMS, NUMECA (Belgium), ONERA, ECL (France), DLR, TUB (Germany), and CIMNE (Spain).

VALIANT project participants discussed the results of numerical simulation obtained in the second phase of the project and compared the data with experimental studies conducted. The reasonable compliance between experimental and calculated data of the average characteristics of turbulent flows was observed. However, some features of noise generation in turbulent flows in the presence of solid boundaries cannot be easily predicted using numerical simulation.

In the remaining 6 months until the end of the project the partners will analyze the discrepancies between the numerical simulation and experimental results and identify ways to improve the computational models. The next meeting, summing up the six-month phase of research will take place in October 2012 at CIMNE, Spain.

VALIANT was launched on September 1, 2009 and its scheduled duration is three years. The project aims to develop numerical simulation methods aimed at reduction of noise generated by airframe components. With this purpose model flows were selected, which on the one hand, have simplified geometric configuration, but on the other hand, conform in full with the physics of noise generation processes arising in flow around various airframe components. TsAGI is involved in the experimental part of the project (Work Package No. 2) and in the discussion of possible reasons for discrepancies between numerical results and measurements (Work Package No. 3). At the preliminary stage of project setup the specialists from the acoustic department of the Institute proposed to study the effect of noise generation in the flow around slats and flaps associated with turbulent flow around long openings in the solid surface. This idea was supported by project partners and the leadership in this task was entrusted to TsAGI. Numerical simulation of this effect is performed by IPM RAS and TUB (Berlin University).

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