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From Europe to America in two hours

16 July 2012

Russia, EC countries, Australia and Japan start joint research of high-speed passenger aircraft able to make transcontinental flights in no more than two hours.

On July 4, 2012 European Commission partners on “High-Speed Civil Air Transport” project held a meeting at TsAGI. Along with TsAGI, the meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission, the European Space Agency ESA, German research center DLR, international group EADS, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, OJSC “Rosoboronexpor,t, FSUE “CIAM,” GNC RF OJSC “LII,” FSUE “Flight Research Center,” OJSC “MKB “Fakel,” OJSC “GosMKB “Raduga.” Japanese, Australian and Italian experts participated in the meeting via teleconference.

The partners discussed the first cooperation steps towards the creation of a high-speed civilian aircraft. A comprehensive report on the planned research was presented by Sergei Chernyshev, TsAGI Executive Director. The report stressed the importance of a systematic approach to research, comprising computational and theoretical works, testing models in wind tunnels and flight testing of small prototypes of the future aircraft. The position was supported by other Russian partners, who provided detailed information about the possibilities of a Russian experimental base and diverse experiences of domestic experts. According to S. Chernyshev, a daunting long-term task was set before project participants. In the future, attention will not be given solely to technical issues. In order to establish mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, undergraduate and graduate exchange students will study in the two countries. “Undoubtedly, our project is ambitious; today’s meeting is one of the first steps towards its implementation,” Dr. Chernyshev said. “I’m sure it will be a fruitful cooperation, involving Russia, the European Community, Australia and Japan.”

Foreign partners reported on their current developments and research plans. Foreign scientists noted the great potential of Russian organizations and agreed with the view that the complementary projects of each party will ensure effective promotion in the field of high-speed flight technology.

The representative of the European Space Agency Johan Stilant called the meeting constructive and fruitful: “Today we met with a large number of Russian colleagues, received a lot of ideas that need to be understood in order to create more productive research programs for the future. It was nice to see so many scientists who wish to engage in high speed technology. I hope that the day is near when a person living in any of our countries will be able, after breakfast at home, go to a business meeting in Australia, have lunch there, then dinner with friends in America and on the same day fly home and go to bed at the normal time.”

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