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Ways to solve problems of small aircraft discussed at TsAGI

18 July 2012

A meeting on “Problems of modernization of light aircraft designed for transport and aerial works” was organized at TsAGI in conjunction with SibNIA. The event was held in the framework of the research “Development of technology platform for affordable light multipurpose aircraft with advanced stationing capabilities.”

Thirty-seven participants from 17 specialized institutions attended the meeting. Reports and opinions were presented by representatives of FSUE “TsAGI,” FSUE “State Research Institute of Civil Aviation,” FSUE “Aviakomplekt,” FSUE “SibNIA,” OJSC “Myasishchev EMP,” JSC “Irkut,” JSC “Beriev TANTK,” OAO “IL,” OJSC “NII AO,” LLC “MVEN Company.”

Scientists and experts gathered with the purpose to find possible solutions of the problem of current procurement of aircraft for local and regional airlines of Russia over the next 5–7 years. The urgency of the agenda is derived from an increasing shortage of transport capacities due to aging and reduction of the light aircraft fleet. At the same time, concepts of qualitatively new effective Russian small aircraft being developed in TsAGI and SibNIA imply that aircraft will enter into service no earlier than 2018–2020.

During the meeting, the participants made a number of initiatives. Enterprises engaged in the development of small aircraft are recommended to submit to TsAGI before September 1, 2012 proposals and business plans for aircraft modernization of, specifying the area of modernization, expected effect, timing and projected costs of the project. The development of a family of aircraft of different capacity, intended for different purposes, created on a state-of-the-art technological base, taking into account the concepts of the most successful domestic small aircraft, was determined at the meeting as the main area of future efforts. Scientific research institutes in the aviation industry were asked to provide for advanced scientific and technological potential in the field of small aircraft in their scientific research plans.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director General of TsAGI, Ph.D. in science, professor Igor Kovalyov. At the end of the meeting, he said: “We intend to supply a proposal to the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for accelerated development of the new edition of Aircraft Procedural Rules AP-21 by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee, that could be closely harmonized with foreign aviation legislation.” Dr. Kovalyov continued; “In particular, there is an urgent need to include in the Russian aircraft certification system the concept of a Supplementary Type Certificate and, accordingly, to ensure the possibility of modification of the type design and obtaining this certificate by an aircraft developer which is currently not a holder of the type certificate. We also offer to provide in ‘Small Aircraft’ Subprogram of the Draft State Programme of the Russian Federation ‘The development of the aviation industry for the years 2013–2025’ the measures to maintain airworthiness and modernize the existing fleet of small aircraft, providing it with modern engines, as well as airborne and ground equipment”.

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