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Testing of bridge over the Sura River completed at TsAGI

23 July 2012

Specialists from the Strength, Load and Aeroelasticity Standards Department completed wind flow stability tests of the road bridge over the Sura river (Rep. of Chuvashia) on the M-7 Moscow — Kazan highway. The tests took place in TsAGI’s wind tunnel T-103, and involved two models of the bridge — one for the construction stage and another for the operational stage, performed in 1:45 scale at flow rates up to 45 m/s. The research was ordered by JSC “Mostotrest”.

“We recommended installation of special deflector plates for the works during the bridge construction stage,” explained Konstantin Strelkov, the leading bridge testing expert of TsAGI, deputy head of Strength, Load and Aeroelasticity Standards Department. “These structures will reduce the amplitude of potential fluctuations down to acceptable levels. For the operation stage it was proposed to install fairings noses o

n the sides of the main span. These fairings have shown their efficiency on several bridges tested at TsAGI.”

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