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TsAGI's Department for Aircraft Flight Dynamics, Control Systems Celebrates Its 60-Year Anniversary

28 October 2021

Research into aircraft flight dynamics and control systems lays among key competences of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). This October witnessed a 60-year anniversary of the Institute’s Department responsible for research and development in this area.

‘Established at TsAGI and aimed at flight dynamics and control systems, this unique school of science is a strong support for creating a reliable efficient aircraft. One can recall the first digitally-controlled civil aircraft, Il-96 and Tu-204, the supersonic Tu-144 airliner, and the iconic Buran project—which is not an exhaustive list of milestone works where the department staff was involved. And today, scientists are applying the accumulated knowledge and innovative ideas to create modern domestic aircraft. Gratifyingly, the department has many young specialists who absorb the experience and are ready to use it for solving the most ambitious tasks,’ said Kirill Sypalo (Director General, TsAGI; Corresponding Member of the RAS).

The department has state-of-the-art test facilities, including flight simulators. They are used to study the advanced control concepts to be implemented on an aircraft. In this area, TsAGI scientists closely collaborate with experienced test pilots who provide feedback upon testing the systems—this provides adjustment and improvement of control functions and algorithms. The Institute’s facilities also help in preparing pilots for flight tests, including difficult flight modes.

‘Apart from the integrated control systems that we traditionally deal with, today we are facing more advanced challenges: the study of power control systems, and work on the concept of a “more electric aircraft”. One cannot ignore the general trend of digitalization—and we can see the aircraft evolution achieved in this area. To create smart control systems lays thus among the most advanced tasks for the team’s current work’, said Sergey Bazhenov (Head for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems, TsAGI; Doctor of Technical Sciences).

The current key projects implemented by TsAGI specialists in the area of aircraft flight dynamics and control systems are: work on MC-21 short-and-medium-range aircraft family, modernization of SSJ100 aircraft, activities within the World-Class Research Center ‘Supersonic’, etc.

TsAGI’s Department for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems was established in 1961 under active automation of flights. The new structure was initiated by G. Buyshgens, Academician of the RAS, who was an outstanding scientist for aerodynamics, aircraft dynamics, and integrated research of aircraft technologies.

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