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TsAGI Aeromodellers Take Second Place in Team Standings of Russian, World Cup

27 October 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) specialists became prize-winners at two stages of Russian Aeromodellers Cup. The competition was held in Nalchik (the Kabardino-Balkar Republic) in early October.

The Russian stages are included into the World Cup standings; they are considered highly prestigious as the greatest number of aeromodellers compete in them. This time, the Cup had 49 competitors, 41 rubber-powered models, and 20 f1c models. The stages were postponed from July till autumn due to the epidemic measures.

‘Rarely are the Nalchik Competitions hold in autumn; in the previous years, weather was favorable to the competitors. Yet this time it rained for all the 10 days—which made it difficult to organize the starts, and many of them were delayed. Some competitors did not perform well enough and left after the first stage of the Russian Cup. But the weather did not become an insurmountable obstacle for our team—all the members are experienced enough to compete in rain,’ said Albert Bulatov (Research and Manufacturing Complex, TsAGI; Honored Master of Sports), commenting the competition’s course.

These starts were also remarked with an introduced electronic flight recording. A special sensor located on a model shows its flight altitude, which enables recording of results without visual observation.

In this competition, TsAGI employees became winners and prize-winners in each of model aircraft classes. Aleksey Ryazantsev (Research and Manufacturing Complex, TsAGI; International Master of Sports) won the third place in glider model class. Albert Bulatov rose to the second place in rubber-powered model class. Alexander Nazarov, who competed with an f1c model, won the first place.

TsAGI representatives won two cups in the individual standings of the Russian Cup. Albert Bulatov was awarded with a silver, and Yuri Yevdokimov (TsAGI’s Research and Development Center, Head of a Department; International Master of Sports) won a bronze.

TsAGI performed equally well in the team standings. Although Moscow Regional team, which included TsAGI employees only, lacked an under-18 sportsperson for f1c class, it won the second place at each stage of the Russian Cup.

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