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TsAGI Scientists Share Their Research Results at the Multi-Conference on Management Problems

14 October 2021

Kirill Sypalo, Director General of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), Corresponding Member of the RAS and Sergey Chernyshev (Chief Scientific Officer, TsAGI; Academician of the RAS) participated in XIV All-Russian Multi-Conference on Management Problems, as members of the governing board. The conference was held in Divnomorskoe Selo, Gelendzhik town, from September 27 to October 2.

At this conference, TsAGI was also represented by scientists from the Flight Safety Complex, and from the Department for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems.

The conference was opened with plenary report by Sergey Bazhenov (Head for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems, TsAGI; Doctor of Technical Sciences). He spoke on TsAGI’s experience in using different methods for identifying aircraft aerodynamic performance by flight test results. The scientist also focused on the ways to form the numerical model, including the capabilities of computational aerodynamics, and wind tunnel tests.

‘Our Institute has good background in this area; it has developed a number of tools, including the methods for identifying aerodynamic characteristics which use linear regression, multidimensional mesh filling, genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc. These approaches have proven their efficiency when combined with experimental and calculation studies of the aerodynamic characteristics. One should realize that studying the characteristics requires an integrated approach involving all the mentioned capabilities,’ said Sergey Bazhenov.

The Conference embraced a wide range of discussion topics within four subconferences, including the one for aerospace system control, co-chaired by Sergey Chernyshev. At this subconference, TsAGI experts delivered their reports on smart control methods for aviation systems. In particular, they presented an automatic system for pilot support when the aircraft is running in severe conditions. The Institute’s specialists also shared their experience in using AI-methods for locating avionics failures.

Another important area included the challenges of providing flight safety for supersonic transport. TsAGI scientists presented their research related to designing displays and controls for such aircraft, as well as the current work within the Program for creating and developing WCRC ‘Supersonic’ for 2020-2025, which is financially aided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Some reports focused on integrated control systems, flying quality, and on modeling aircraft dynamics. TsAGI shared the research results in long-haul aircraft unsteady aerodynamics, the developments related to integrated control systems and power control systems for transport aircraft. Anastasia Timofeeva, the young Specialist for Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control Systems, was awarded with a certificate for the best report at the conference. Her report dealt with synchronization algorithms for drive system work displacing one control surface.

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