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TsAGI Holds KIMILA Metrology Conference

11 October 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) hold 4th Industrial Conference on Measuring Equipment and Metrology for Aircraft Research (KIMILA). The event was hosted by TsAGI’s Center for Science, Technology and Information on October 5 and 6.

The conference embraced a wide range of topics, including sensors and transformers, systems and complexes for measurement and control, non-contact measurement and visualization, the problems of designing and manufacturing wind tunnel models, methods for wind tunnel tests and strength tests, and metrological support for the tests.

The Conference was opened by TsAGI First Deputy General Director, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Aleksandr Medvedsky. He spoke on TsAGI’s achievements in metrology and measurement support, as well as on plans for developing within the area.

‘TsAGI has created and commissioned new-generation information-and-measurement control systems, including those leaving top foreign analogues far behind—in particular, Potok (‘Flow’) software package which is widely used in aircraft research. Remarkably, TsAGI’s metrology service is currently introducing new research areas, for example, those related to experimental aerodynamics,’ said Mr. Medvedsky.

Plenary report by TsAGI Head for Measuring Equipment and Metrology, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vasily Petronevich dealt with enhancing tools and systems for measurement and control, and with improving TsAGI’s metrological equipment for aircraft research. He noted that today’s work is focused on creating information-and-measurement systems as well as strain gauge for tests. He also outlined the main trends in metrology development.

‘Today, active digitalization of different processes is one of the most important trends; metrology is in this trend, too. I mean the wide implementation of electronic smart systems into measuring. Apart from that, optical methods should also be mentioned—TsAGI is actively developing them,’ said Vasily Petronevich.

Plenary reports on urgent challenges in metrology were also delivered by Boris Mineev (Chief Metrologist, CIAM; Candidate of Technical Sciences), by Vladimir Krutikov (Chief Researcher, All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements; Doctor of Technical Sciences), and by Yuliy Chashechkin (Head of Laboratory, IPMech RAS; Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences).

Within KIMILA, TsAGI scientists presented state-of-the-art research materials; they prepared over 20 reports for the conference, including: results of studying oscillation measurement errors in aircraft aeroelasticity tasks; research on domestic equivalent of metallic powders for manufacturing aircraft model units with selective laser melting; an overview of a universal measurement system for supersonic free-flight wind tunnel test models; an overview of multichannel systems for pressure measurement, etc.

KIMILA united top research organizations, industrial organizations and universities. Apart from TsAGI, achievements in metrology and measurements were also shared by CIAM, GosNIIAS, SibNIA, VIAM, NPO Lavochkin, VNIIMS, ITAM SB RAS, IPMech RAS, MAI, MIPT, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, etc.

KIMILA, or the Industrial Conference on Measuring Equipment and Metrology for Aircraft Research, has been held by TsAGI since 2014. The event aims to support high level of research in measuring technologies and metrology, and to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between the organizations. This year’s conference was devoted to 75-year anniversary since TsAGI’s metrology service foundation; it also commemorated V. Bogdanov, who headed the Department and was an outstanding metrologist and Russia’s honored inventor.

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