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MAKS-2021: TsAGI, EU Discuss Further Cooperation Priorities

22 July 2021

Cooperation with European partners is among top priorities of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). NRC and TsAGI administrations had a number of international meetings aimed at stronger ties with their foreign colleagues.

The Russian party was represented by Boris Aleshin (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”; Academician of the RAS), Andrey Dutov (Director General, NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), Kirill Sypalo (Director General, TsAGI; Corresponding Member of the RAS), Sergey Chernyshev (Deputy Director General for International Cooperation Coordination, NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”; Chief Scientific Officer, TsAGI; Academician of the RAS); and Sofia Blyuger (Director for International Cooperation, TsAGI).

The European party was represented by Dr. Markus Ederer (EU Ambassador to Russia), Pierre Lévy (French Ambassador to Russia), Laurent Bochereau (Head of Science and Technology, EU Delegation to Russia; Minister-Counsellor), and Jacques Weyant (Attaché for Civil Aviation and Aeronautics, French Embassy to Russia). The administration of civil aviation (DGAG) was represented by Sylvain Four, Head of Mission for International Cooperation.

The event aimed at confirming the importance of dialogue and at stronger research cooperation, as well as at broader ties between TsAGI and EU scientists, including the French partners.

The parties discussed the current top-priority R&T development projects within EU framework programs, and talked on cooperation priorities under Horizon Europe, the 9th EU Framework Program which started this year. Apart from that, the European delegates were shown NRC organizations’ joint exhibition with the newest supersonic aviation projects, including developments by TsAGI.

‘Within MAKS-2021, meeting the EU Ambassador and the French Ambassador to Russia confirms TsAGI’s international role. Notably, it has been a traditionally constructive and fruitful dialogue between Russian and European research organizations. TsAGI has cooperated with its French, German, Italian and other European counterparts for over fifty years. This partnership is very important for aerospace scientific community, and we intend to foster its further development,’ said Kirill Sypalo.

The international agenda also included negotiations with CEFIC—the Russian-French Economic, Financial, Industrial and Trade Council; and with joint delegation of French companies.

‘Research organizations of both countries support this long-term reliable cooperation in science; gratifyingly, TsAGI actively participates in this process. We are proud of our long and successful cooperation with the French colleagues, both within projects of European Union’s Framework Programs, and within our bilateral initiatives,’ said Sergey Chernyshev.

Russia-EU R&T cooperation in aviation and space within EU framework programs started in 2000 as Russia’s Government and EU signed an Agreement on science-and-technology cooperation. TsAGI and NRC are the national platforms for Russia-EU contacts, which boost active scientific dialogue by integrating Russian scientists into European research space. This is confirmed by successful projects within EU framework programs, Clean Sky and SESAR, etc.

TsAGI has long-term scientific ties with French aerospace research organizations as well. This can be illustrated by many projects on urgent challenges related to modern aviation development, such as RUMBLE, ICE GENESIS, MUSIC-HAIC, IMOTHEP etc.

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