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TsAGI Develops “ERA” Multi-Mode Aircraft

28 June 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) did a concept study of “ERA”, the advanced small manned aircraft.

The aircraft is aimed at solving a wide range of tasks, including creation of market for personal manned small VTOL aircraft. “ERA” could be used for evacuating people from emergency areas, or for transportation within a megalopolis with overloaded traffic.

Within three years of active work aimed at technological advance, Department for Aircraft and Rocketry Aerodynamics of TsAGI Research and Manufacturing Complex elaborated the aircraft’s concept and defined its technical specifications. Within the study, four aerodynamic components were analyzed which differed in location of lifting surfaces, in open rotors and ducted fans, and in locations for installing struts. The specialists calculated performance, including the aerodynamic one. The results enabled a more precise concept of the aircraft for testing its model within “Robot” R&D under the state contract arranged with Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

A modular aerodynamic model of the aircraft was designed for conducting tests. This structure allowed quick replacing and modernizing the main units for deeper study of aerodynamic configuration. The model has operating electrical simulators of the propulsion. The tests were carried out in the TsAGI T-102 WT.

TsAGI studied such issues as making the aircraft stable and controllable by displacing ducted fans during transition flight as well. The tests of the aircraft model confirmed the calculated values of the main aerodynamic performance of the chosen configuration. The specialists are planning to create a flying technology demonstrator at the next work stage.

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