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TsAGI Participates in Russian State Duma’s Expert Board on R&T Development

23 June 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) heads and specialists participated in the field session of Expert board on R&T development and intellectual property. The board is a part of Russian State Duma Federal Assembly Committee on Education and Science. Devoted to the year of science and technologies, the event was held in June in Expocenter, Moscow’s Central exposition facility, within the Russian week of high technologies.

The meeting was co-organized by NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, by TsAGI, by the Research and engineering company, and by Russia’s National council for non-destructive control in civil aviation. The event focused on the key issues in non-destructive control of aviation and space technology, including requirements for methods and tools of the control, educating and certifying specialists, and national legislation of diagnostics methods for aviation and space technology.

The event was opened by V. Kononov, Chief Advisor, member of the Committee, and Deputy of the Russian State Duma. The participants were welcomed by V. Chertok, Advisor of the Head of Rostransnadzor, and the Council’s Chairman. The meeting was also attended by scientific community and Skolkovo. The roundtable was moderated by V. Shapkin, First Deputy CEO (NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), First Deputy Chairman of the Council.

TsAGI pays great attention to the issue of non-destructive control. For example, TsAGITech has a laboratory for non-destructive testing, which aims at creating and implementing advanced non-destructive testing methods, including shock-sensitive coatings, IR thermography, etc.

One of TsAGI flagship projects was presented to the Council—the special highly-effective software package for IR thermographic control called “SOLIRT” (the Solyuterm project). Its main task is to detect defects and operational damage of aircraft and rocketry structures with IR thermography, such as: shock damage, delamination, concealed water, etc.

“The development has great prospects for its usage in aerospace industry; nevertheless, it has aroused great interest from oil industry, gas industry, automotive industry, wind-energy industry, and for other industries,” said Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies (TsAGI), at the meeting. “Delightedly, it is our platform where such an important task is being implemented—the creation of an innovative domestic software.”

Apart from that, Andrey Smotrov, Leading Researcher (Complex for Research on Aircraft Strength), delivered his speech at the meeting. He spoke about the prospects of shock-sensitive indicator polymer coating for aircraft composite structures for detecting subtle operational damage. The technology has a high TRL and is being tested on flying laboratory of a TsAGITech’s resident.

The meeting was also attended by heads and specialists from research centers and enterprises, such as: GosNII GA, Energomash, UEC—Saturn, Soluterm, etc.

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