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TsAGI Moscow Complex Opened for New Employees

17 June 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) organized a visit for its new employees and target students to TsAGI Moscow Research Complex, within professional adaptation program.

The visit was organized by TsAGI HR department. The guests visited a number of historic buildings on Moscow’s Radio street—the place where Professor Nikolay Zhukovsky laid the cornerstone of modern aviation science back in 1918, and where such great minds as S. Chaplygin, A. Tupolev, B. Stechkin, B. Yuriev started their labor activity; so did many others.

The new specialists employed in different TsAGI departments, as well as the target students, saw the T-1-2 and T-5 wind tunnels, the acoustic chamber, and the towing tank.

‘Organized since 2019, similar meetings are aimed at helping the young specialists quicker adapt to their work environment, fit in, and get information support. Our today’s guests were impressed by the test facilities at TsAGI Moscow Research Complex; by work of fluid dynamicists, industrial aerodynamicists, and aeroacoustics scientists. Hopefully, the Institute’s new and future employees will thus feel the scientific atmosphere and will make their own contribution into the development of aerospace industry,’ said Natalya Bulatova, TsAGI HR Specialist, an organizer of the visit.

The visitors were also given special booklets containing reference information on TsAGI activities and on adaptation plans for effective interaction with heads of the departments.

TsAGI supports its new employees according to the Regulations of staff employment and adaptation, which came into force in 2019. The document establishes a professional adaptation program for the employees for the whole 3-month probation period. The program includes the basic stage, which consists of an introductory interview and an acquaintance with TsAGI’s history; and a deeper study of department structure and activity.

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