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MAKS-2021: TsAGI Holds Conference on Supersonic Aviation Development

21 July 2021

A cornerstone event of MAKS-2021 scientific-and-business program by TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) was a conference on supersonic aviation development. Devoted to the Year of Science and Technology, the conference was held on July 21 at Congress Center of the MAKS.

The event was opened by Kirill Sypalo, Director General (TsAGI), Head of the WCRC ‘Supersonic’, Corresponding Member of the RAS.

‘Supersonic aviation should enable fast and comfortable flights, both domestically and abroad, as well as make Russia’s far regions more available. To design a supersonic transport (SST) which would meet these goals is one of the national priorities. This is why TsAGI initiated the establishment of the WCRC. The initiative was supported by the leading research industrial organizations, research organizations and universities; they became the members of the Consortium. We are implementing together the program for establishment and development of the Center, and are forming supersonic-related basis in science and infrastructure,’ said Mr. Sypalo.

Denis Sekirinsky, Deputy Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Science and Education Policy, gave a welcoming speech to the participants via video conferencing. He emphasized the WCRC’s core role in development of domestic supersonic civil aviation science. Another welcoming speech was delivered by Pavel Forsh, Director (Department for National Research and R&T Policy, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation). Mr. Forsh noted the importance of involving young talents into WCRC, this large-scale ambitious project.

The discussion was focused on target parameters of the Center’s long-term development strategy; their characteristics were reported by K. Sypalo, Head of the WCRC ‘Supersonic’. He noted that the current program for WCRC creation and development is to last till 2025. The main funding source is a subsidy by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation; the amount tops three billion rubles. During this time, it is necessary to solve ambitious scientific tasks; to hold a number of major events, workshops and conferences; to develop educational programs; to train young researchers, etc. ‘However, the project will not end then. Right now, we need to form the development strategy for the WCRC "Supersonic",’ said Kirill Sypalo.

Afterwards, the scientists discussed the scientific prospects of creating SST. The main report was made by Sergey Chernyshev, Chief Scientific Officer (TsAGI), RAS Academician, Head of WCRC’s Laboratory for Aerodynamics and concept design of low-sonic-boom SST. He presented a concept of high-level aircraft aerodynamic layout, a wing calculation model, and results of work aimed at enhancing sound-boom simulation methods.

Viktor Kopyev (Head of Laboratory for Aeroacoustics and Vibrations, Head of Aeroacoustics Department, TsAGI; Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences) presented the expected outcomes of SST engine jet noise reduction, based on development of innovative modeling methods and noise-reduction methods. The methods which do not decrease jet velocity (e.g., notched nozzles, plasma actuators, etc.) will be critically important in the short term.

Apart from that, speeches were delivered by heads of other WCRC research departments: Valery Matveenko, Scientific Supervisor (PFRC UB RAS), Laboratory for Strength and Smart Structures; Aleksander Lanshin, Deputy Director General for Science (CIAM), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of Laboratory for Gas Dynamics and Propulsion; and Aleksander Efremov, Head of Department (MAI), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Flight Safety.

The conference also included an open joint meeting of the WCRC administration: The International Supervisory Board and Scientific Board. Their members and experts discussed the progress on research programs and on infrastructure development of the center, as well as made their proposals for the WCRC’s development strategy.

Elaborating milestones for WCRC development strategy was marked as important by Co-Chairmen of the International Supervisory Board: by Boris Aleshin, Chief Scientist (NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), Professor, Academician of the RAS; and by V. Sadovnichy, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the RAS.

The WCRC ‘Supersonic’ was initiated by TsAGI; the Institute also coordinates the Consortium. Apart from TsAGI, the WCRC includes CIAM, GosNIIAS, MAI, MSU, PFRC UB RAS, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, etc. The project is implemented from 2020 to 2025. The expected outcomes of the Center’s activities are: innovative futuristic SST designs of low sonic boom and low-noise aircraft, multi-criteria aircraft design technology, a flight-deck information display system based on computer vision and augmented reality, etc.

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