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TsAGI Researches New Short-Haul Light Aircraft for Remoted North Regions

9 June 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) started a research cycle aimed at designing a short-haul light aircraft for transporting passengers and cargo in the conditions typical of remoted North and Far-East areas.

At the first stage, the research included tests of model with a strut-braced wing and fixed landing gear. A strut-braced wing is a structural layout which is quite typical of similar-sized aircraft. The core feature is a strut for transmitting load from wing to fuselage. The strut allows decreasing mass of a wing. The strut is shaped to decrease the drag.

TsAGI studied how the struts and landing gear affect the aerodynamic performance of the cruise configuration and takeoff-and-landing configuration. The work was done in the TsAGI T-102 wind tunnel.

The tests revealed the influence of the strut and landing gear on the aircraft performance.

The deliverables will be used for performance assessment and for further maturation of the aerodynamic configuration of the short-haul light aircraft for remoted North and Far-East regions.

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