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TsAGI Organizes ‘Aircraft Structural Strength’ R&T Conference

7 June 2021

On May 27 and 28, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) hold ‘Aircraft Structural Strength 2020’, a research-and-technology conference.

‘The conference augments each time prodigiously. It has attracted more organizations and enterprises and has widened its areas. Notably, it is unique and exceptional as Russia holds no similar events devoted to aircraft structural strength,’ said Aleksandr Medvedsky (First Deputy General Director, Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor) in his opening speech.

The conference was opened with report by Mikhail Zichenkov, Head of Strength Complex (TsAGI). He spoke about results of previous conferences, and presented an overview of calculation and experimental research performed by TsAGI in 2020. Aleksandr Kalish (Deputy Chief Engineer, OJSC Ilyshin) delivered another plenary report on state-of-the-art methods and technologies enabling an aircraft’s structural strength at its design and modernization, as well as on challenges related to aircraft airworthiness. Valeriy Litvinov, Advisor of ORPE Technologiya CEO, reported on the need for creating and using an Engineer’s Guideline for designing civil aircraft. The plenary session ended with report by Andrey Pankov, Deputy Head for Structural Life (TsAGI). He talked on developing and implementing technology for designing aircraft structures with composite primary structural elements, effective in terms of strength and life.

The second day of the conference was marked with presentation of ‘Aeroelasticity’ book which was later given to representatives of organizations and enterprises. It was presented by Sergey Paryshev (Head for Standards of Strength, Load and Aeroelasticity—TsAGI).

Totally, the scientists and specialists delivered 4 plenary reports, 18 section reports and 40 poster reports. Approximately 170 scientists and specialists attended the event. Apart from TsAGI, over 20 organizations participated in the conference, including UAC, ORPE Technologiya CEO, PJSC Tupolev, Irkut Corporation, Ilyushin Company, JSC AeroKompozit, SibNIA named after S. Chaplygin, State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, Gromov Flight Research Institute, MAI, Russian Helicopters, Mil Helicopters, CIAM, JSC Kronstadt, Ural Works of Civil Aviation, etc.

TsAGI and the cooperating enterprises shared their results in such research areas as: advanced structural schemes and loading patterns, flutter and aeroelasticity, methods for monitoring structural conditions, the challenges of endurance and fatigue tests, etc.

The ‘Aircraft structural strength’ R&T conference was initiated by TsAGI for discussing urgent challenges related to applied strength. It was held in the USSR in 1932 for the first time. The conference was held regularly till 1990s; it continued its work in 2012 after a break. It is held once in two years.

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