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TsAGI Presents Research on Helicopter Taxi at Conference

25 May 2021

Advanced multirotor, future flying taxi
Advanced multirotor, future flying taxi

TsAGI (a part of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in the 3rd Youth Conference for Rotorcraft Developers. Organized by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, the event was held in Tomilino (Moscow Region) late April.

Mark Ovsyannikov, Junior Researcher for Remotely Piloted Air Systems (TsAGI) and Konstantin Kosushkin, Division Head for Rotorcraft Aerodynamics and Dynamics (TsAGI) presented rotorcraft configurations for UAM solutions developed by the Institute. According to them, concepts of multirotor aircraft are seen as the most promising for passenger and cargo transport, considering conditions in contemporary Russian megalopolises.

‘UAM is an urgent problem in Europe as cities are located very closely, and they are tightly built. Our country is more spacious, so the best option for local freight would be a rotorcraft ranged slightly over 200 kilometers, aimed at 2-4 passengers or 200-500 kg of cargo. Today, TsAGI is conducting computational studies to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of future rotorcraft taxi,’ said Mark Ovsyannikov.

The conference also focused on design of multi-purpose Artic rotorcraft, navigation of UAV in a city; and on using RPAS and rotorcraft for air mobility, etc.

The conference was also attended by young specialists from Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”, and MAI.

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