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TsAGI Tests Light Morpheme Aircraft Model with New Configuration Components

24 March 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) tested the light morpheme aircraft model with modified configuration components.

The tests were conducted in TsAGI T-102 wind tunnel.

At this study phase, TsAGI specified the influence of the newly-designed spats, fin, wing/fuselage fairing, and nacelles on model air performance.

The modified components are to reduce the aircraft cruise flight drag, to enhance its lift-to-drag performance and fuel efficiency. The new fin is aimed to improve the aircraft lateral controllability by increasing its rudder power at high deflection.

Test results showed that the model configuration modifications provide the expected air performance enhancement. The test data have a good agreement with the computed estimates.

At the next test stage, which is planned for 2022, TsAGI will continue studying the light aircraft modifications with external cryogenic fuel tank.

Before these planned studies, the scientists of TsAGI created a conceptual design of the light aircraft, and performed a series of wind tunnel tests, which included, for example, anti-icing tests. The researchers also tested several modifications of model configuration components (fuselage, wing, fin, etc.), including a modification with external cryogenic fuel tank. As a result, TsAGI obtained the characteristics of model’s lateral and longitudinal stability at take-off, landing and cruise modes; taking into account the running propellers blowing.

The light morpheme aircraft may be used both as a passenger transport and a freight one without modifying its type design. The aircraft may carry 50 passengers to 1500 km or 6 tons to 1000 km. Its cruise speed is 480 km/h.

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