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TsAGI First-Ever Representative at 2020 ZGC Forum Delivers Her Speech

6 October 2020

Sofya Blyuger, Director for International Cooperation of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), participated in 2020 China-Russia Science & Technology Innovation Forum which is officially included into the agenda of Russian-Chinese cooperation in science, technology and innovations in 2020-2021.

The panel discussion of the forum, where Sofya Blyuger delivered her speech, was devoted to the promotion of practical results of scientific cooperation between the countries.

S. Blyuger reported on such areas of Sino-Russian partnership as relevant research topics, prospects of sharing test facilities belonging to Russian and Chinese organizations, implementation of high-technology projects and interdisciplinary transfer of innovative scientific solutions. She also emphasized the importance of regular bilateral scientific conferences and academic exchanges. Great attention was paid to joint research within cooperation projects supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education together with key partners from China. Particular emphasis was placed on the multilateral work of the BRICS competition in collaboration with scientists from China and Brazil on aircraft noise research.

Other reports were delivered by Natalya Bocharova, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education; Huang Wei, PRC Deputy Minister of Science and Technology; Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Chair of Skolkovo; Feng Xingke, Deputy Secretary General of BRICS Economic Think Tank; Irina Kuklina, Executive Director of Analytical Center for International Scientific, Technological and Educational Programs; etc.

‘PRC is our long-term strategic partner. Recently, the level and forms of our cooperation with our Chinese colleagues have shown, quite literally, exponential growth, which is confirmed by a great number of large-scale joint initiatives with Chinese research centers and industrial corporations. This context makes the Forum an important discussion platform for scientific and technological cooperation between our countries, which makes it especially honorable to be invited as an expert representing TsAGI’, said Sofya Blyuger.

The annual ZGC Forum has been held since 2007. This is the key platform for expanding China’s science and technology, for external communication between the industry representatives, and for developing international partnership in innovations. Within the framework of the Forum, scientists, scientific experts, experts in innovations, and top managers from all over the world discuss urgent problems related to implementing state-of-the-art technologies in the world-economy strategic industries, in order to strengthen the international cooperation in R&D, academic exchanges, innovative activities, and venture investment.

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