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TsAGI presents TsAGI Tech at the opening ceremony of the Year of Science and Technology in Moscow Oblast

15 February 2021

Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of TsAGI Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies, took part in the 1st open discussion held under the auspices of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia between the Government of Moscow Oblast, the Regional Scientific and Technical Council and the Regional Council of Young Scientists and Experts. The event was held at the House of the Government of Moscow Oblast on Russian Science Day, February 8th.

Ekaterina Zinovieva, Minister for Investment, Industry and Science in Moscow Oblast, opened the event. Mrs. Zinovieva highlighted that in the region there are 278 research enterprises, 40 000 researchers and 8 out of 13 science cities of the country. Science and innovation is a major resource and a driving force of Moscow Oblast economy and the region’s leaders are taking unprecedented measures to support it.

Director of the Department of Innovation and Advanced Research of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Vadim Medvedev, Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow Regional Duma on Economy, Entrepreneurship and Investment Policy Vyacheslav Krymov, Deputy Minister for Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow region Nikita Ivanov, regional representative of the Fund of Assistance for Small Innovation Enterprises (FASIE) Nikolay Khokhlov also welcomed the participants.

During the open discussion Dmitry Chernyshev Dmitry Chernyshev told the meeting participants about TsAGI’s positive experience in creating and improving TsAGI Tech. Within that short period of time, the science center, opened two years ago with the support of the Government of the Moscow Oblast, managed to become a development driver for the science city of Zhukovsky and a hot spot for young researchers, research groups, inventors and small businesses.

Today TsAGI Tech employs 20 companies, provides 100 high-performance jobs, forms new laboratories. The science center has the necessary innovative technological infrastructure. Thus, its technology transfer development center offers such services as promotion and commercialization of scientific ideas, business planning, marketing, fundraising and intellectual property protection. The site also has a technology center where young researchers can access equipment that can be used to make a product prototype or even a technology demonstrator. They also invest in school youth — the science center houses clubs for aircraft and ship modelling, design and programming. Particular attention is paid to the communication environment, TsAGI Tech hosts dozens of conferences, seminars and other regional, countrywide and international level events.

“We believe TsAGI Tech is one of the brightest examples of science and government cooperation for innovation economy development. The special atmosphere of scientific creativity shaped by uniting residents, researchers and young experts in one place helps to create science-driven products and technology companies” said Dmitry Chernyshev.

Leaders and experts from the Central Research Institute for Machine Building, the Agency for Public Events, institutes of the RAS and the Council of Young Scientists and Experts of Moscow Oblast also took part in the event. The topics under discussion were the issues of space activities commercialization, innovation promotion, accelerating market launch of new original medicine, etc.

By decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, 2021 has been declared as the Year of Science and Technology in Russia (decree signed on December 25, 2020). Its aim is a further development of science and technology in Russia. The program will include multiple events: various forums, exhibitions, applied research conferences on international, countrywide and regional levels. The key emphasis is made on supporting young talented researchers.

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