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TsAGI applies a new method to measure the pressure when developing advanced aircraft

24 September 2020

The wing model was tested by use of the multichannel pressure sensors, which are designed specifically to implement a specific method to measure the static and dynamic pressures. The method has been introduced into research practice at the test facilities of the Measuring Technology and Metrology Department in the T-102 Wind Tunnel of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (part of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”).

‘The method can be used on those aircraft models where there is no technical possibility for air tubing, pneumatic lines, etc. On aerodynamic surfaces such as wings, flaps, vertical and horizontal tails, the small holes are made, from where inside the model the tubes are laid to the pressure sensors, — said Georgy Biryukov, the leading engineer of Measuring Technology and Metrology Department of TsAGI, about the technology. — It is not always possible to arrange the measuring system elements in the right place, since they are quite cumbersome: somewhere there is not enough thickness of the model, somewhere there are fasteners, etc. To solve the problem to obtain the most complete data, provided that the measurement points are evenly distributed in technically complex models, a new way to measure the pressure was developed.’

With the method, a thin and flexible tape with built-in sensors is located on the model surface, which completely follows the surface shape. This is the multi-channel pressure transducer based on the flexible substrate.

The possibilities to use the multichannel pressure transducers based on the flexible substrate were verified by the specialists from the Measuring Technology and Metrology Department as a part of activities to create the test-bench equipment and to develop the testing methods and technologies for advanced aircraft engineering. When testing, the sensors were mounted on the wing model flap. As a result, the static and dynamic pressure distribution pattern on the model surface was obtained.

Vasily Petronevich, Head of Measuring Technology and Metrology Department of TsAGI, believes that the application of the new approach will significantly expand the possibilities of aerodynamic experiments. ‘The use of the method makes it possible to study the pressure fields on the surfaces of small-sized models and full-scale aircraft, where air tubing is fundamentally impossible,’ said the scientist.

The tests have proved that the new method to measure the pressure distribution has a number of advantages over the traditional ones, and the developed transducers demonstrate a fundamentally enhanced approach to implement the experimental studies in aerodynamics. The obtained data will be used to develop the class of devices that are capable to put into practice this measurement method. The multichannel pressure transducers were developed by TsAGI specialists jointly with Driver LLC.

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