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TsAGI hosts a book launch devoted to hero pilot Georgy Baidukov

28 October 2019

Very often we learn about the lives of our famous test pilots from TV programs, newspaper articles and web-sites. Yet, the information is not always complete and does not fully portray one’s personality. To create a true portrait of a hero and tell an interesting and insightful story is a goal of literary works by Gennadiy Amiryants, Doctor of Technical Sciences at TsAGI (part of The National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute, NRC). On October 21, TsAGI Cultural Center The House of Scientists hosted his latest book launch “Four lives of G.F. Baidukov”.

The meeting was opened by General Director of TsAGI, corresponding member of the RAS, Kirill Sypalo: “Today, we are all witnessing a truly historical event, a presentation of a book about a test pilot, Colonel General of the Air Force, Hero of the Soviet Union, Georgy Baidukov, written by our famous scientist, historian of aviation, Gennadiy Amiryants. You may probably ask what lies behind the book’s title. I would answer that the language, style, and attention to the facts, so characteristic of Gennadiy Ashotovich, allowed to recreate the hero pilot’s personality without missing a single detail. I hope you do enjoy this book that one day might make a real bestseller!.”

Alexey Moskovsky, General of the Army, Doctor of Technical Sciences, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and Russian Federation National Award in science and technology spoke on the role Baidukov played in the development of the USSR Government Procurement system and adoption of a broad spectrum of weapons and military equipment in the post-war period. "It is exactly owing to the developments of those years in the field of nuclear missile weapons and strategic defense systems that our country has managed to deter the enemy aggression for over 70 years already, keeping the world peace. The book by Amiryants is a symbiosis of knowledge on pilot, military leader, statesman and writer Georgy Baidukov. Moskovsky also emphasized the book would be very useful to younger generations, who should know all the truth about the heroes of the past.

The event was also participated by the academic secretary of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military and Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Sergei Alfimov; Deputy General Director of Aviasalon JSC Nikolay Zanegin; staff members of the Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov, Agat Scientific-Research Centre, aviation veterans, students and young experts of the local enterprises.

The book by Amiryants is based on his personal discussions with G.F. Baidukov and his relatives and colleagues, the pilot’s diary records, speeches and works and documentary materials. It features little-known facts of Georgy’s biography, including his achievements in the development of up-to-date means of air, anti-missile and space defense and work as a writer. The book has 520 pages and the hero’s image is complemented by archive photographs. The print run was 1000 copies.

Test pilot, Colonel General of the Air Force, Hero of the Soviet Union, Georgy Baidukov is an aviation icon not only in our country, but the entire world. He was a member of the legendary Valery Chkalov’s crew, who used ANT-25 to take non-stop flights from Moscow to the Island of Udd (the Far East) and to America. Georgy was one of Russia’s most skilled pilots who could perform the so-called blind flight: he could pilot the aircraft in low visibility conditions using only navigation instruments. He was also a veteran of the Soviet-Finnish and the Great Patriotic wars. In post-war time he occupied leading positions in the USSR Air Force. In April 1957 Georgy Baidukov became Head of the 4th Headquarters of the USSR Defense Ministry, responsible for creating the air shield of our Motherland.

Gennadiy Amiryants has been working at TsAGI since 1960. He contributed heavily to the development of computational and experimental methods of studying static aeroelasticity properties, ensuring safety and excellence of domestic aerial vehicles (AVs), including on the basis of the concept first proposed by him: using the elasticity of a structure (“active aeroelasticity”). He was one of the first who carried out multidisciplinary research of the AVs’ stability and controllability considering their structural elasticity, reverse of controls, divergence, flatter, strength. He is the author of about 100 scientific works, 30 inventions and multiple books dedicated to the history of domestic science and technology. Gennadiy Amiryants was awarded gold and silver medals at World Inventions Saloons in Brussels (1996) and Geneva (1997).

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