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TsAGI will participate in the 8th International Youth Forum “Engineers of the Future”

7 June 2019

TsAGI young specialists participated in the work of the Committee of the Youth policy of the Russian Engineering Union. The meeting took place in Moscow in late May. The participants discussed the preparations for the “Engineers of the Future 2019” Forum. TsAGI scientists have annually attended the Forum since its foundation and participated in the developing of its educational program since 2013.

In addition to the Forum’s traditional program the organizers decided to expand the work and create a community of the income-earning youths and starting investigators under the “Engineers of the future 2019.” The Forum agenda, drawn up with the participation of the Russian Engineering Union and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, will aim to stimulate the technological breakthrough.

TsAGI representatives, including Vitaly Gubsky, Vagan Manvelyan, Egor Stegachev, Ivan Ameliushkin and Natalya Muratova, are involved in the organizational and educational activities. Together with young scientists of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors and the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) they form the program and give classes within the “Aerospace faculty.”

This year, participants will learn about the process of establishing a spaceraft at all stages — from the concept to the peculiarities of space flight control. Traditionally TsAGI specialists will acquaint participants with the Institute’s history and its current status. They will hold sessions on aerodynamics, integrity, flight dynamics, research methods, project management, etc.

The International Youth Forum “Engineers of the future” is organized by the Russian Engineering Union, with the support of State Corporation Rostec. It has been held since 2011. Approximately 14,000 young professionals, scientists, graduate and undergraduate students have participated in the Forum for the last eight years. Its geography covers 60 regions of the Russian Federation. This year’s Forum will be held in the Orenburg region from the 2nd to 13th of July.

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