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TsAGI celebrates Sergey Chaplygin’s anniversary

5 April 2019

In the end of March the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) celebrated 150th birth anniversary of the prominent Russian and Soviet mechanics and mathematics, one of the founders of modern aerodynamics Sergey Chaplygin.

The Academic Council dedicated to the scientist’s anniversary was held in Zhukovsky (Moscow region) in March, 28. TsAGI Chief Research Scientist, doctor of technical science Gennady Amiryants reflected in the report “Touches to the S.A. Chaplygin’s Portrait” scientific advances of the outstanding specialist and his human qualities: “Sergey Alekseevich Chaplygin was truly colossus as a scientist, being ahead of time, unmistakable in his scientific and organizational decisions, and as a distinguished all-arounder. He was a day-dreamer and mild by nature, but he became incredibly focused, deliberate and hard when it was necessary for an important personal and, a fortiori, for a common major state task. Whether it was teaching, which he started to help his family in his poor high-school years, and continued as a Professor of Moscow University and the Head of Moscow Higher women’s courses. Whether it was creating of TsAGI complex in the years of devastation, or opening of his scientific school.”

A ceremonial meeting took place in TsAGI Moscow Scientific Research Complex in March, 29. The event was attended by representatives of Moscow State Pedagogical University (MPGU). In a solemn ceremony Kirill Sypalo, TsAGI Director General, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences handed copies of archival documents relating to Sergey Chaplygin’s life and work to MPGU Pro-Rector Vasily Strakhov. Moscow Pedagogical State University derives and keeps up the educational traditions set up by Chaplygin at Moscow Higher women’s courses in the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, it was S. A. Chaplygin, who initiated pedagogics to become an independent educational discipline.

TsAGI Chief Scientific Officer and Academician of the Russian Academy of Science Sergey Chernyshev awarded TsAGI Moscow complex members with diplomas and letters of gratitude. There were awarded Anatoly Grishin, Andrey Ermilov, Rudolf Karavosov, Valery Pimshtein, Valery Samokhin, Victor Smirnov, Aleksandr Belyaevsky, Aleksandr Bizjukov, Aleksandr Boldurev, Evgeny Vizel, Olga Dbroklonskaya, Yury Zhukavlev, Lubov Karpenkova, Lev Maslov, Elena Mikhalkova, Valery Nazarov, Tamara Pogrebnaya, Olga Potemkina, Vladimir Strekalov, Sergey Shipilov, Oleg Shorygin, Nikolay Shulman, and Viktor Kopiev.

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