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TsAGI completes next stage testing of the advanced executive jet

14 February 2019

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) completed the aerodynamic testing of the new high-lift wing of the executive subsonic aircraft with the original name “Tadpole” (“Golovastik”). The scientists had the task to investigate the lift characteristics of the new aircraft at low speeds. There was created a model wing with deflecting flaps. The model was tested in TsAGI’s large transonic wind tunnel at the speed corresponding to the take-off and landing modes at Mach 0.2. The tests confirmed preliminary estimates of the lift characteristics.

“For this class aircraft strong takeoff and landing characteristics are no less important than cruising, because this can reduce the required length of the runway and, therefore, expand the geography of flights,” said Head of Division of TsAGI’s Department of aerodynamics of Plane and Rocket Anatoly Bolsunovsky.

Previously TsAGI experts completed tests with a new wing layout with regard to engine location. It yields reduced environmental noise, provides space savings, as well as cabin comfort.

The advanced executive jet has a high level of comfort. Its tadpole shaped fuselage gives the aircraft increased size with a height of about 2 m., and improves cabin comfort. As far as flying qualities, the “Tadpole” with a wing swept 10° is expected to reach speeds of Mach 0.82 (V = 870 km/h) and exceed 4200 km. distance with three passengers aboard, and 3200 km. with six passengers. Its maximum weight is 6000 kg.

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