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Honorary distinctions of the Governor of the Moscow Region for TsAGI scientists

12 February 2019

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) received awards of the Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobiev. The awarding ceremony took place in February, 8 in the House of the Government of the Moscow region and was timed to the Day of Russian Science.

The honorary title “Honored Scientist of the Moscow region” was given to Deputy Head of TsAGI’s Propulsion Unit Aerodynamics Department, Professor and Doctor of Technical Science, Sergey Bosnjakov. The scientist for a few decades has been engaged in the methods and development of computational aerodynamics and calculation programs for flow simulation of aircraft power units. “The efficient scientific work became possible due to several areas, implemented in TsAGI. In the first place it was the interaction with institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which resulted in the creation of the Computer-Aided Design Center named after O.M.Belotserkovsky. In addition, TsAGI’s participation in EU framework programs was instrumental as provided the work at the international level. The distinctive feature of all carried out investigations was their practical focus. It ensured the use of all the developed programs to implement most of the contracts at the TsAGI’s Propulsion Unit Gasdynamics Department.”

Andrey Savelyev, a specialist of the TsAGI’s Propulsion Unit Aerodynamics Department was honored by the gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow region. The sphere of his scientific interests is methods of computational aerodynamics, design and configuration optimization of aircraft elements, the interference issues of an engine and an airframe.

“The invitation to the House of the Government of the Moscow region was a surprise for me,” said Andrey Savelyev. “Of course, it was great to celebrate the Day of Russian Science together with scientists, who came from the whole Moscow region. It is doubly gratifying that one of them was Sergey Mikhaylovich Bosniakov, who had led the Division where I worked for a long time, and actually created our team. I am convinced that the Governor’s gratitude is the appreciation of our team work.”

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