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TsAGI Centenary: Forum 4th day results

29 November 2018

November 29th was the final day of the scientific program of the International Science and Business Forum “Global aeronautical challenges and Russia in the international technology community.” The Forum was dedicated to the centenary of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute.”)

The participants of the 9th International IFAR Summit discussed the use of electric and hybrid propulsion in aircraft and the ways to encourage the youth to participate in aerospace research. The final chord was the summing up of the events and the gala reception in honor of TsAGI centenary. All the Forum participants were invited to the event.

The CARDC session on aeroacoustics took place on the final day of the TsAGI-CARDC 2nd symposium on fundamental and applied aerodynamics. In addition, the scientists visited TsAGI acoustic chamber and towing tank and discussed prospects of cooperation in the field of fluid dynamics and aeroacoustics; and summed up the event.

During the Russian-Japanese seminar TsAGI-JAXA in November 29th, experts presented reports on civil supersonic aircraft technologies, flight safety, as well as on the helicopter issues. The results were discussed at the end of the scientific program.

The Russian-French seminar TsAGI-ONERA ended with a solemn awarding of Denis Maugars Award, the grant, awarded on a competitive basis to a joint project of young scientists from TsAGI and ONERA. The work “Low-frequency Liners Study” won the award this year.

The outcome of the 2nd ICARE seminar became a draft list of priority themes to be recommended by the European Commission for implementation within the framework of the 9th EU programme for research and innovation “Horizon Europe,” which starts in 2021.

The HISST Conference ended on this day. There were heard about 40 reports and held two plenary meetings. Scientists from ITAM SB RAS and TsAGI presented a joint report on sonic boom, and characterized past, present, and future research in this area. During sections specialists of the Centre of Aeronautical Science shared their experience in an integrated approach to aerodynamic shapes optimization and talked about the investigation of the influence of the perforated walls of wind tunnels on the aerodynamic characteristics of the reentry vehicle at transonic speed.

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