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TsAGI centenary: Forum 2nd day results

27 November 2018

The second day of the International Science and Business Forum “Global aeronautical challenges and Russia in the international technology community” was marked by several scientific events. The 9 th IFAR Summit on Urban mobility went on. It was opened the day before within the framework of the International Symposium “Aviation technologies of XXI century.” 50 participants from 19 countries discussed the possibility of scientific cooperation development, personnel policies in the aviation industry, as well urban mobility. The “IFAR Café” roundtable meeting was devoted to the same topics.

In addition, 27 November was marked by the opening ceremonies of the other iconic international events: the First TsAGI-JAXA workshop, the 17th TsAGI-ONERA seminar and the 2nd TsAGI-CARDC Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Aerodynamics.

The 17th Seminar TsAGI — ONERA is a traditional event, which brings together specialists of the Russian and French scientists of the national aerospace research centers. TsAGI Chief Scientific Officer, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science Sergey Chernyshev and ONERA CEO Bruno Sainjon welcomed the participants before starting the scientific. The first day program was devoted to the aeroacoustics challenges and noise control, cooperation projects and icing.

TsAGI-CARDC Symposium on fundamental and applied aerodynamics was open with the welcoming addresses of the leaders of TsAGI and China Aerodynamics Research and Development Centre (CARDC). Scientific sessions followed, during them the scientists of the two countries presented reports on the aircraft aerodynamics, high-speed flows and issues of laminar-turbulent transition.

The first in the history Russian-Japanese workshop TsAGI-JAXA is the result of a joint initiative by TsAGI and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). During the opening ceremony the welcoming remarks were made by Sergey Chernyshev and JAXA Vice President Hisashi Sano.

One of the highlights of the second day of the International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology became the report of TsAGI Chief Research Scientist, doctor of technical science Gennady Amiryants: “TsAGi’s 100th Anniversary: History, People, Oustanding Events.” The report was dedicated to the history and development of the Institute as the head of the Scientific Center of the aviation industry in our country. It highlighted the most significant events of the history, the most important results of fundamental and applied scientific research of distinguished scientists and engineers to establish TsAGI unique experimental base, to develop the breakthrough technologies in aero-and hydromechanics, and as a result to create advanced, competitive aeronautical and rocket and space equipment.

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